Empire of the sound

The future of the music in high definition goes from the new album of Ozark Henry. That projecting the listener in the middle of a concert by the National Belgian Band.

It is the dream of every musician: to make the listening experience a memorable event, that can faithfully reproduce the sounds and emotions of a recording studio. In a few years time this could become reality: technology will allow access to quality music thanks to more and more faster downloads and streaming thus making the dream of artists come true. Amongst these, in first line, iOzark Henry, aka Piet Goddaer, Belgian singer-songwriter and composer.

Called upon to collaborate with the prestigious Belgium National Orchestra, Piet began to actively collaborate on a shared project. The experience of finding himself in the middle of an orchestra of 95 members was so strong for Piet that he set himself the aim to be able in some way to recreate the great emotion that he felt to share it with his audience. This is how “Paramount” originated: a project that includes selected tracks from Ozark Henry’s discography, revisited and recorded with the highest possible faithfulness possible in our day, that is technology 9.1, that places the listener at the center of an imaginary cube to reproduce exactly the position that Piet had on the stage when recording.